Facts to the CCN vs SEC Conflict Join the alliance

To understand the graphs and evidence, you need to know how the BGS
(Back Ground Simulation) works. A war starts automatically if two factions are equal in influence.
24 hours after a faction reached the same influence in a system, the BGS put both factions to war.
As player faction you can force this if you gain actively influence to the same level of the other faction. This is an pro active process, it does not happen by itself.
You can also avoid as non leading faction by just keeping your influence stable (usually by four-five missions a day).

SEC: Simple Elite CorpsINARA, home system Kajuku.
CCN: Colonia Citizen’s NetworkINARA, home system Centralis

History of war in Tir (source of graphic below)
Histroy of war in Kajuku (source of graphic blow)

What happened?
Tir which is owned by Tir Technologie Services an NPC (Non Player Character Faction) is close to the home system of SEC (Kajuku) and CCN (Centralis).

9th October 3304 (09.10.2018) CCN expanded to Tir
CCN expanded to Tir and went to war with Tir Technologie Services.

29 October 3304 (29.10.2018) CCN won a war
CCN took control on Bolden’s Enterprise by winning the war.

The development of war in Tir forced by CCN

24 December 3304 (24.12.2018) SEC expanded to Tir
SEC expanded to its neighborhood system Tir by a jump in influence. This happend due to the BGS and may because of the changes Frontier did before Christmas.
Even if the log says „Expanded by invasion“ this is by a jump of influence generated by the BGS. There is no way to force this, it happens by chance.
Any way, until to this point, all was „legal“ regarding Jaques Accord (the peace agreement between Player Factions in Colonia).

27 January 3305 (27.01.2019) SEC took over the outpost from NPC faction
The outpost (Dohler Depot) was owned since then by Tir Technologie Services the NPC faction.
SEC went to war with with Tir Technology Services for the Doler Depot and won this „legal“ war.
Thanks to this victory SEC, gained unexpected influence in Tir and took over the Dohler Depot.
CCN saw a chance to attack SEC and gaining full control of Tir by winning this war clearly initiated by
CCN. This war was started by CCN activity and without announcement.

HERE is the history log

31 January 3305 (31.01.2019) CCN startet the attack in Tir
CCN forced SEC to war by pushing them self to the same influence.
From the begin, CCN used a bug or bugs of the BGS to be ahead during the first two days, while SEC were fighting in conflict zones (the legal way).
SEC News Service (SNS) monitored all movements, times between docking of ships and to which systems they fly (Non of the CCN CMDRs finished a conflict zone in Tir). SNS where able to proof they way CCN tricked the BGS for their advantage.
SEC started to fight the same way. Surprise, we went ahead in this war.

The Illegal attack from CCN in Kajuku

05 February 3305 (05.02.2019) CCN started the illegal attack on Kajuku
As soon as CCN was facing a defeat in Tir, they decided to breach Jaques Accord and started the next act of war by attacking Kajuku (Home System of SEC) to divide SEC defense forces.
Due to this very aggressive and rule violating act by CCN, SEC received a lot of support by other factions in Colonia to hold the stand and to defend the home system Kajuku.

20 February 3304 (20.02.2019)
CCN lost again, but they forced another war in Tir and Kajuku. If they still state that CCN is just fighting for Tir, this is a pure lie

Anything else is Fake news, spread by CCN.
The Facts are available, check your self!

CCN has proved itself as aggressive totalitarian clan, led by a dictator like.

All CMDRs are called to free up Colonia!
Fight CCN down in any system!
Fly any available mission (passenger, fright, mining, scanning) for other factions than CCN.
Kick them down like you would do with any totalitarian regime violating international law.
We need to win and after such a row of violence they caused, to punish them.
Push CCN back to their home system and even gain control for one of the other factions present in Centralis (preferable a NPC faction)
Join the alliance for a liberty, peace an and free Colonia!

To all peaceful CMDRs exploring for CCN, reconsider your affiliation. Do you want to be associated with these aggressors?

Some more Details?
CCN Joined as one of the first the Jaques Accord.

List of signatories

In Person, Yanick did. (you can verify this on Discord).

The person who signed for CCN

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