Public intelligence Report regarding the conflict

SEC: Simple Elite CorpsINARA, home system Kajuku, system presence 9, system control 1 (Kajuku), assets 2 (Prince Kajuku’s Paradise in Kajuku, Dohler Depot in Tir). A Colonia Expansion Initiative wave 5 faction.

CCN: Colonia Citizen’s NetworkINARA, home system Centralis, system presence 18, system control 2 (Centralis, Tir), assets 3 (Phoenix Harbour and Damask Rose in Centralis, Bolden’s Enterprise in Tir). Factional presence obtained through exceptional circumstances route.

Recent influence histories for relevant systems

The Tir system at the centre of this conflict is home to multiple sites of strategic regional importance 
– the controlling station, Bolden’s Enterprise, is home to the region’s Human Tech Broker and is one of the largest high-tech economies
– the Engineer Marsha Hicks provides upgrades to a wide range of mining equipment and projectile weapons, attracting a high level of passing traffic
– the Tir Research Labs – a scientific installation – are responsible for monitoring the sustainability of the region and recommending development actions to the Council

Due to coincidences of geography, the Tir system remained difficult for player factions to expand into and under the control of its original NPC faction from its establishment in June 3303 until 29 October 3304 when CCN took control of the Bolden’s Enterprise station. On 27 January 3305 the SEC took control of the Dohler Depot secondary outpost – and the unusually high influence boost from winning this war caused them to leapfrog CCN into first place. The influences of CCN and SEC then equalised a few days later, and we have this conflict.

Relevant historic events in Tir:…EF%B8%8E).*tir

Ian Doncaster

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