Public intelligence Report regarding the conflict

SEC: Simple Elite Corps, INARA, home system Kajuku, system presence 9, system control 1 (Kajuku), assets 2 (Prince Kajuku’s Paradise in Kajuku, Dohler Depot in Tir). A Colonia Expansion Initiative wave 5 faction. CCN: Colonia Citizen’s Network, INARA, home system Centralis, system presence 18, system control 2 (Centralis, Tir), assets 3 (Phoenix Harbour and Damask Rose in Centralis, Bolden’s Enterprise in Tir). Factional presence obtained through exceptional circumstances route. Recent influence histories for relevant systemsTir:…nge=3305-02-07Kajuku:…nge=3305-02-07Centralis:…nge=3305-02-07 The Tir system at the centre of this conflict is home to multiple sites of strategic regional importance – the controlling station, Bolden’s Enterprise, is home to the region’s Human